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  • Abigail James

Welcome to my blog and new website

At last, having talked about starting a blog for a long time, I have finally written something down, albeit only a short introduction. My blog will be a chance to put out some ideas about playing the guitar, being a musician, teaching a musical instrument and anything else useful that comes to mind.

I'll be posting a few pictures along the way. My new hometown of Warwick is a beautiful place and is full of interesting architecture, history and views. St Mary's Church, Warwick Castle, the River Avon and the many historical buildings are always good for a photo opportunity!

Right now, I am get back to arranging some music. It's been a busy period for writing and arranging music recently and there is still more to be done. As a director of several guitar ensembles over the years, most of my arrangements are for guitar quartet, but I'm working on a few solos and duos and writing some very easy beginner music for young students. Some very short (8 bars short!) simple tunes for the early stages of learning are available now on the free teaching resources page and there will be more coming. Sometimes in the much used guitar methods there is not enough extra material to support and reinforce the child's knowledge. So I'm sharing my own material.


One of my favourite recent arrangements was Take On Me by A-Ha. An irresistible track of the 1980s!

You can purchase a digital download of the quartet from Sheet Music Plus via this link:

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