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Guitar Lessons

I have over 20 years of classical guitar teaching experience including

private individual lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, small group tuition in schools and whole class beginner lessons. Learning a musical instrument demands discipline, analysis, thought and understanding, physical control and many more skills that are important across all areas of education.  My most valuable teaching experience has come from working for a music service providing lessons in groups.  Mixed ability groups need differentiated music so that all the children can progress at their own pace.  The creative challenge arising from these circumstances doesn't occur in an individual lesson in the same way. The experience gained from planning, preparation, pacing and structuring group lessons has informed all of my teaching since.



Ensemble playing is one of the most rewarding experiences for any musician, young or old whether beginner or experienced player.  All students benefit from playing together, instrumentally, musically and socially. Students of all ages discover bonds and connections they might otherwise not have realised and learn to work as a team.  Team work is one of the most important aspects of my ensembles, more accomplished players learn how to lead and support those with less experience.  My existing ensembles are all in-school groups and perform a wide-range of repertoire, much of which I arrange for them.

Recent arrangements have included Take On Me by A-Ha which is available from Sheet Music Plus:

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