Themed beginner music for young classical guitarists

Inspired by one of my students, these simple pieces are free to download and use in individual or small group lessons.  Most primary schools have learning themes or topics and increasingly I find myself writing topic related tunes for my younger students.  The downloads below are free to use and they can be used for sight-reading or to give the students a wider range of material than is often provided in early stage guitar books.

Deadly Snakes!

Uses notes B, A, G

crotchet, minim and semi-breve

Rocks & Gemstones

Uses open bass D, A E

crotchet, minim and semi-breve

Teacher accompaniments coming soon... Or improvise your own!

Young guitarists can sometimes struggle with reading and playing bass notes.  The material below has been created in a plain style with no fingerings to encourage recognition of bass notes with leger lines and avoid reliance on reading by finger numbers.

The Vikings are coming..

Uses open bass strings E, A, D plus

fretted bass notes B and C on string 5.


Note values: quaver, crotchet, minim and semi-breve

Under the Sea!

Uses bass notes E, F, G, A and D

Note values: quaver, crotchet, minim and semi-breve